Headmaster’s Welcome

Welcome to WAS Changzhou

WASCZ is a world class boarding and day school for children aged 3 to 18, providing an all-round, fully integrated, bilingual, holistic education that not only prepares students for entry to the world’s top universities, but provides them with the knowledge, skills, and competencies for life.

The school’s vision is that ‘Every child can excel’, and it is our responsibility to approach each student as an individual and nurture them as they grow in confidence, take on responsibility, and achieve independence.

At WASCZ we want every child to discover a love of learning; to progress from dependence upon their teachers and peers into independent thinkers and learners; and to mature with compassion and kindness, supporting the aspirations of those around them, sharing in their successes and, together, contributing to the local community and wider world.

To deliver a holistic education, we are guided by five key aims:

The Five Aims
Pastoral We will provide a caring and supportive full boarding environment in which every child and adult is happy, safe, and respected, so that they can build strong, long-lasting relationships, flourish and fulfil their potential.
Academic We will provide excellent teaching and resources to enable every student to develop a lifelong love of learning, make continual progress, and attain the qualifications necessary for entry to the world's top universities.
Enrichment We will provide a broad range of creative, physical, technical, communication and performance opportunities for students to discover their passions and develop their talents, learn new skills, and enhance personal competencies.
Extension We will stretch, challenge and mentor students as they deepen their global understanding, demonstrate creativity, innovate, take on positions of responsibility, build trust and respect, and encourage all around them to succeed.
Community We will nurture an outward looking school, think sustainably, collaborate with partners, enable everyone to grow in confidence, become excellent decision makers, and have a positive impact in the world.

In brief, our guiding aims are to ensure that every child is happy and safe; develops a love of learning, discovers their talents; deepens their global understanding; and contributes to the world around them.

We look forward to meeting you at our oasis on the bank of Xitaihu in western Changzhou and showing you around our wonderful campus, a safe and happy place, with magnificent world-class facilities, a thriving international community of 1200 students and 380 staff, 100+ clubs and societies, 30 options for IGCSE and A Level, and a reason sense of purpose. WAS Changzhou, voted ‘International School of the Year’ by the Boarding Schools Association in 2022, is more than a campus; it is a community that has a soul, where every child can excel.

Paul Silverwood  Headmaster


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