WASCZ Students Helping to Change the World

School News May 19, 2022
WASCZ Students Helping to Change the World

WASCZ is always looking for ways for our students to make the most of their exceptionalism. Since beginning the Debate Club and World Scholars we have always wanted to encourage all our students to get their voices heard and to have influence in the world around them. One of the core aims of our school is to promote Extension. Extension is the simple idea that all of our students are exceptional in some way, and one of our most important jobs is to uncover, promote, and encourage this idea of exceptionalism at WASCZ.

I have written before about the success of our Debate Squad and World Scholars, but I am now pleased to be able to share with our community that our students are being recognized in other external events. First, a team of our year 11 & 12 Accounting students are taking part in the COBIS Race4Good (#COBISRace4Good). The event is a business orientated challenge where students are given budgets to promote the wellbeing of, and uplift individually, some of the poorest people in the world. The R4G this term is held in Haiti which has suffered from natural disaster and some of the worst poverty levels in the modern era. Our students are developing business plans and budgets to change the lives of a small farming community. Their first challenge this week was to develop a video promoting a sport for the local school with a budget of 100GBP. Our students produced an excellent video on Volleyball and costed out the equipment, whilst also recording tips and training the students could undertake. Their video won third place and puts them third overall in the competition on the leaderboard. I would like to congratulate E. Wan, C.Fu, S. Tang, H. Zhang, T. Zhang, C. Huang, J. Hu and K. Zhang for their excellent efforts and wish them luck in the rest of the competition.

Secondly, I am pleased to announce that WASCZ is now taking part in ‘Topical Talk’, a global discussion and competition run by The Economist magazine. Topical Talk is a global perspectives challenge that engages students in mini projects discussing and researching global issues. This term the subject is Gender Equality, and the students attend a seminar run by Ms. Harrington and I each week to dive into the issues and discuss the themes and ideas surrounding Gender Equality, from understanding and recognizing bias to looking at representations of gender in the media. Students are also enrolled on the Economist Student Hub and take part in moderated online discussions, with prizes awarded to the most interesting and developed comments. Again, I am pleased to share with the community that one of or students, C. Monticelli, won the first week’s competition against intense competition from English speaking independent school across the world.

Our work with World Scholars and NHSDLC continues as well, and we have NHSDLC competitions that our students are preparing for this term and into the summer term, I look forward to writing again with more successes from our exceptional students in this and other exciting events. I am consistently impressed by the maturity, compassion and creativity of the students and hope to offer more opportunities for them to show their exceptionalism.

Tim Skyrme