WASCZ Scuba Diving in Sanya【Part 1】

School News December 14, 2020
WASCZ Scuba Diving in Sanya【Part 1】


The scuba diving trip is off to a great start! The flight to Sanya was smooth and we arrived in the lovely warm weather. We took the boat to our hotel on Wuzhizhou island where we met the scuba diving instructors. We checked the scuba diving equipment ready for when we start tomorrow. The first group will learn how to scuba dive, initially in a classroom and in the hotel swimming pool. After learning the basics and being checked by an instructor, the first group will join the second group, who are working towards more advanced scuba diving qualifications, on the boat out on the sea. We are about to enjoy a buffet dinner here at the hotel, and then the pupils have free time this evening. Well done to all the pupils for being well organised today during the journey and making sure the trip started perfectly!


Today the pupils had a buffet breakfast and then met the instructors. All of the pupils are in groups of only 3 or 4, so the instructors can ensure the safety of the pupils at all times. The pupils who have dived before then took a speedboat ride for 5 minutes out to the scuba diving boat, and did two dives. Because the weather is quite windy and because of the season, the visibility is quite low, but we could see lots of different types of fish, some coral, and we also saw a boat wreck on the ocean floor.

The pupils who are learning to dive spent the morning in the classroom studying how to scuba dive, and then after lunch they went to one of the hotel swimming pools to practice scuba diving skills. Tomorrow these pupils will go to the ocean for the first time!