COBIS Art Competition

School News May 03, 2020

WASCZ Primary has received some very exciting news recently! 

Despite being away from school, our pupils have been keepingbusy. During this lockdown period, 50 of our primary pupils participated in theannual COBIS Art Competition on the theme ’Today’s actions shape tomorrow’sworld’. Miss M. (Primary Art Teacher) was extremely impressed by the level ofcreativity and thoughtfulness displayed in our pupils’ work.

Unfortunately, Miss M. was only able to choose six winners fromour school to enter into the global competition. From Key Stage 1, we enteredartwork from P. Wang, B. Zhu, and G. Tang. From Key Stage 2, we entered artworkfrom S. Yang, J. Huang, and K. Fang. Additionally, we entered a group projectfrom Q. Shang and K. Shang. 

After nearly two months of waiting, we finally received theresults. We were informed by COBIS that children from 110 schools around theworld entered the competition and the quality of entries was extremely high.That being said, one of our pupils, P. Wang was awarded the runner-up prize ofthe Key Stage 1 category! The judges were very impressed with P. Wang’sartwork, describing it as “a poignant piece that depicts the recent bushfires,and the numerous habitats destroyed” and commenting on it’s “beautifullyexecuted, bold use of colour”.

P. Wang was very happy to pose for photographs with Mr. Wood andMr. Marland and her piece will soon be displayed in the Primary school for allto see. Well done!

P. Wang’s artwork as well as the full results of the competed canbe found at

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