The Human Touch

School News January 22, 2019
The Human Touch

On Saturday 12th January 2019, as part of academic enrichment the pupils from years 7 to 10 embarked on an activity to understand how the human hand is cleverly designed.

During the activity the pupils built models from cardboard and straws to understand the anatomy and biomechanics of the human hand. This was successfully done by many pupils with some from the younger years even managing to get their model hands to pick up simple objects!

So as to provide real life skills, the science department has embarked on an extension to this project that would make a robotic hand. 

The activity integrates life science with robotics while incorporating crucial 21st century technical skills like data science, software, mechanical and electrical engineering, for an authentic learning experience. Emphasis is placed on the importance of combining science and technology to reflect the mechanics of the human body. 

The pupils will build a sensor that will initially control a finger and once successful will devise a way to design a hand that will be able to pick up and grab objects. 

The end aim is to extend the project so that the robotic hand will be able to do tasks designed by the pupils themselves.

The field of robotics is one of the best methods of learning about science and technology, encompassing all aspects of STEM subjects. Utilising the excellent teaching and support from the science department, I am sure the pupils will be successful at what is a marvelous opportunity.