Staff VS Students – winners are grinners

School News November 08, 2022
Staff VS Students – winners are grinners

The time had come; the moment our students had been waiting for; time to set the record straight!

Staff VS Student Tennis and Basketball Competitions took place on the weekend of October 22nd and what a sensational events these were. With over 50 students involved in battling it out against staff, this made for great spectator viewing. Many students and staff were on the sidelines cheering and supporting everyone on what proved to be a strongly contested occasion. Staff from many departments were involved in the sporting antics which was an opportunity to interact in a different setting and helps to forge firmer relationships.

The Basketball game consisted of 15 minute quarters with short breaks in between. A special mention must go to our student umpire N. Peng (Blake) for taking the lead in ensuring the game ran smoothly. For the first 3 quarters, it was neck and neck with the points at the third quarter registered at 45 (Staff) and 42 (Students). Heading into the final quarter, our students brought out fresh legs and determined minds – both aspects proved too quick for our staff with the final scoreboard showing 59 (Staff) against 78 (Students).

Over in the Dome our new Head of Tennis Mr Ibrahim, organised a round-robin Tennis Doubles event. Our staff teams put up a tough fight, but it was down to the sharpness and speed of our students, T. Gan (Elgar) and A. Lu (Elgar) which resulted in their triumph over the staff. There were some sublime skills on display from both the staff and students but of note was the serving precision of Mrs Marchi. Some of the raw power of the shots played by the Elgar boys was difficult to detect with the naked eye…but often off-target. However, once the boys reined in the power for more carefully considered shot selection their victory was inevitable. Well done to everyone that picked up a racket to take part!

We look forward to the next Staff VS Students competition taking place on December 10th, where all will be battling it out in Frisbee and Badminton.