The Origins of Inter-House Sport part #1

School News October 27, 2022
The Origins of Inter-House Sport part #1

Inter-House Sport competitions have started off with a bang, and our students are loving it.

This year, House Competitions has become an inter-house sport extensive programme that both Miss M Tamati and Mr S Uili have developed. Our programme gives all students the opportunity to participate in representative sports and activities with the aim of raising their self-confidence, provide opportunities for leadership and teamwork and healthy competition between all Houses.

Alongside both Miss Tamati and Mr Uili, two students from every House have been nominated as sports leaders. All sports leaders are responsible for communicating important dates and competitions with their House, establishing their teams, as well as drive the passion for sports. They are an essential part in the success of our new House Competition programme. A big thank you to the following sports leaders for their support and hard work.

Austen: Z. Sha & J. Xi

Blyton:  C. Zhou & J. Wang

Blake: D. Xu & E. Wan

Cavell: A. Li & V. Chen

Dove: K. Jia & R. Huang

Elgar: T. Gan & J. Li

Fonteyn: C. Monticelli & H. Zhou

Hawking: J. Jiang & P. Xue

Newton: I. Zhang & D. Zhang

Somerville: C. Gu & E. Gu

Scott: F. Wang, N. Zhu & H. Xu

Turner: J. Gu & L. Liu

The Origins of Inter-House Sport began on the 17th of September where all houses competed in various different sports over the course of 3 weekends.

The girl Houses competed in Netball and Badminton and the boys houses in Frisbee and Tennis.

The atmospheres in all competitions was fierce and lively, with students and staff cheering and supporting their houses from the sidelines. Students were showcasing their skills and abilities, with strong teamwork proving to be effective as the competitions were all very close.

The competitions were played in true spirit of sport, with over a hundred students representing their house each week.

1st  Place: Dove
1st  Place: Austen
2nd  Place: Austen
2nd  Place: Fonteyn
3rd  Place: Fonteyn
3rd  Place: Cavell
4th  Place: Blyton
4th  Place: Somerville
5th   Place: Somerville &Cavell
5th   Place: Dove & Blyton

1st  Place: Hawking
1st  Place: Elgar
2nd  Place: Scott
2nd  Place: Blake
3rd  Place: Elgar
3rd  Place: Turner
4th  Place: Newton
4th  Place: Scott
5th   Place: Turner
5th   Place: Newton
6th Place: Blake
6th Place: Hawking

Part #2 of The Origins of Inter-House Sport will commence on the 5th of November with our girl Houses taking part in tennis and frisbee, and our boy houses competing in basketball and badminton.