2021-2022 House Reading Competition

School News June 30, 2022
2021-2022 House Reading Competition

WAS Changzhou loves to read! And no one proved that more then the Secondary students this year as they battled it out in our yearlong House Reading Competition.

Back in September we asked all Secondary to set themselves a goal of how many English books they thought they could read between the beginning of the school year and May 31st. With goals ranging from 2 books (our very busy Sixth Form pupils) to 20 books (our ambitious readers in Grade 6!), it gave the pupils a chance to challenge themselves as well as bring honor and glory to their Boarding House. They wrote reviews for each book they read, turning them into the library for points. Fantasy, comic books, biographies, science, horror, romance, the reviews spanned all reading levels and genres.

Eight months and over 2,500 books later, we are pleased to announce the winners of this competition: Newton for the Boys and Cavell for the Girls!

Each winning House is getting a specially designed trophy (pictured below) and bragging rights for the next year.

We were also pleased to give out Individual Awards for the different year groups for exceptional reading effort over the year. The top boy and girl in each year group received a trophy but we also formed a special category called “Breakout Star”. This was given to a pupil in a lower set who worked hard on their reading this year and there is a Breakout Star for each year group from Year 8 to Year 11.

Grade 6 (top readers for each class)
Manta Ray: A. Yu of Scott and P. Feng of Cavell
Mackerel: A. Shu of Fonteyn and M. Zhang of Elgar
Catfish: B. Yu of Hawking and C. Feng of Blyton
Salmon: J. Lu of Scott and R. Wu of Dove
Pelican: J. Tang of Turner and R. Zhang of Blyton

Year 8
Top Readers: J. Zhang of Turner and K. Wu of Fonteyn
Breakout Star: R. Guo of Cavell

Year 9
Top Reader: M. He of Elgar and N. Chao of Cavell
Breakout Star: B. Qiu of Newton

Year 10/PreAY
Top Readers: R. Ma of Turner and C. Monticelli of Fonteyn
Breakout Star: Q. Xiao of Turner

Year 11/PreAX
Top Readers: H. Ha of Scott and K. Jia of Dove
Breakout Star: T. Zhang of Turner

Year 12/Year 13
Top Readers: J. Liu of Turner and A. Qureshi of Somerville

Congratulations to all our winners, keep up the great work! The library will be rolling out a new Reading Challenge over the summer with a shiny program called Beanstack. Detailed instructions will be sent home shortly and library staff will be available to answer questions over the holiday. Stay safe and read a lot!