Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou uses the same Tutor system as found in the leading UK schools.

Each pupil is part of a Tutor group, usually having 8 or fewer pupils. The Tutor is responsible for the Academic, Social and Pastoral development of the child and works closely with teachers, Sports staff and Housemasters/Housemistresses.

Tutors meet regularly with their Tutees and review their prep (homework) and classwork. Reports are sent to parents every week. The reports reflect the holistic educational environment and refer to Sports, Music and Drama as well as Academic progress.

Tutors are expected to take a personal interest in a pupil’s learning pathway, to encourage and support. Where necessary they will provide each of their Tutees with a personalized support programme, identifying manageable and achievable short-term targets.

They encourage pupils to develop independence and take a greater responsibility for fulfilling their potential.


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