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It’s my great pleasure to introduce myself as Head of Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou. Our Primary school has grown from strength to strength in recent times, packed full with dynamic staff who teach subjects in such a way as to inspire our pupils and ensure they enjoy their learning experiences.

For the staff here at WAIS, our philosophy is that the happier a child is, the more motivated to learn and achieve better academically they will be. Teachers getting to know their pupils is an integral part of our work here at school, not just in the classroom, but in Sports, the Performing & Creative Arts and extra curricular activities (ECA). Knowing a child’s true strengths and weaknesses enables our staff to connect with our pupils on a very close level, and develop their unique passions, talents and learning skills. It is for this reason that Boarding is so popular.

A true British boarding school style holistic education must have staff and facilities that can develop pupils’ skills both inside and outside the classroom. Sport, a key part of the curriculum here at WAIS, is played daily, and our children learn tough, physical sports such as rugby and hockey which not only make them competitive and robust, but can also develop leadership skills that are so important in later life. Swimming, an important life skill, is taught from kindergarten all the way through the school. A healthy child will achieve better academically, and as part of that, a healthy and balanced plate of food at mealtimes is encouraged and the benefits instilled in our children regularly.

All of our pupils have weekly music and Art lessons, taught by specialist teachers, and there is also the opportunity to be taught by world leading musicians on a one to one basis on a variety of instruments.

The holistic education offered at Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou offers a unique opportunity for your child to develop linguistically, socially, physically, and academically, and our teaching staff provide the best possible start to their education.

Simon Jacobs
Head of Primary


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