Duke of Edinburgh International Award in Changhua

School News November 18, 2019
Duke of Edinburgh International Award in Changhua

Congratulations to the pupils from Year 11/Pre-AX and Sixth Form who have completed their Adventurous Journey this weekend. The Adventurous Journey is one of four parts of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award and many of our pupils take part in the Award to help build their team work skills, endurance, resilience and strength.


At our school we aim to ensure all of our pupils are provided with the best chances to attain places at the top universities. The expedition along with all four parts of the award allows our pupils to demonstrate a wide variety of transferable skills that are sought after by top Universities.


This weekend the two groups of pupils travelled to Changhua in Zhejiang and when they arrived they learnt how to navigate with a map and compass. Then Y11/Pre-AX pupils started the hike by going over a 300m suspension bridge across the river. The weather was perfect, sunny and about 25 degrees. They arrived at the first camp site after hiking for about 2 hours, about 3km. The hike for Sixth Form pupils consisted of an appropriately 3km hike accending through farm lands and over mountain streams ending at the terraced campsite. Pupils made the tents and then used cooking equipment to make spaghetti and vegetables in tomato sauce, using our head torches as it was now past sunset.


On Saturday morning, we got up early so that they could use all of the daylight hours and arrive at camp before sunset. The hike for Y11/Pre-AX pupils started at about 7.30am and finished at about 4pm, just over 9km. The route went through some villages, some farmland, a bamboo forest, and the last part went along some big rocks by a river. The hike for Sixth From pupils started at about 7.00am with the last camp arriving just after 5.30pm after a 13km hike. They went through some villages, some farmland, some forest, across two mountains and ended with a descent into a gorge past a mountain stream into the campsite. The pupils had some jam or peanut butter sandwiches, apples and bananas, nuts and dried fruit and other snacks along the way.

At the second camp site pupils had a choice of 4 different types of noodles. After eating, some of the pupils observed shooting stars because of the Taurids meteor shower. The sky was very clear because we were so far from city, there was no light pollution and we could see the moon and all the stars very easily and awoke to a rainbow shining over us on the final morning.

On the final day the campsite awoke at 6am again and hiked about 2 hours, 3km to the finish. On the way back to school the pupils were able to enjoy pizza on the way back to school. Well done to all the pupils, they should be very proud of their strength, determination and team work!