Almost all pupils in Secondary choose to board, and it is also very popular in Primary. We believe that everyone performs best when they feel cared for, confident and relaxed; therefore we make sure our pastoral care is second to none. 80% of our Academic Staff also live on the campus.Boarding at the school is identical to the leading UK boarding schools.

Our pupils live in spacious, well furnished bedrooms, each one shared by three pupils. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms.

Children of all ages are encouraged to bring teddy bears, pictures and other items which makes their room feel like home.

There is a family atmosphere within the boarding community.

Like the leading UK schools all the Boarding Staff are the same teachers that the children see every day in class. This is very reassuring and builds close, warm relationships of trust and respect. There is 24/7 Nurse and Medical provision.

The boarding Houses and Campus are secure and safe. Corridors have cameras and movement-sensors to trigger lights. Teaching staff live on the same floors as the children. The Primary children are never without teacher supervision.

Primary boarders have the opportunity to enjoy a range of sporting activities before bed time.


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