Nature’s Variety

School News May 30, 2023
Nature’s Variety

At lunchtime in the Kindergarten, one may often see the shadow of green radish potatoes. The children ask where their food comes from and why it looks the way it does. They are fascinated by the physical characteristics and nutritional value of common vegetables and keen to know more about the food on their plates. The Rainbow Fish class has incorporated their interest into their learning.

Every week, the teacher and the children will walk around the campus and observe the many changes that take place as spring becomes summer. They notice the potatoes sitting rows in the soil and witness their growth under the sunshine, supported by tender care and watering.

The children enjoy digging and holding up the potatoes like trophies. They then experience curiosity and confusion when they realise that they cannot just eat the potatoes straight from the ground!

Back in the classroom, the children start to think about what they have dug up and what it might become… mashed, fried, boiled or baked potatoes… and, of course, chips! We share together the picture book "Potatoes, Potatoes" to deepen the children's cognition of all the different types of potatoes, to realise that even simple foods appear in a variety of shapes and sizes, and to let us realise that we should not be too picky with our food choices.

Next time the children are in the garden we hope that they will dig and discover other familiar and strange vegetables. And, perhaps, they will remember that variation is all around us and important to appreciate.