Wycombe Abbey UK is already widely recognised as one of the best schools in the world and Wycombe Abbey International School is fast developing into a top school in China. WAIS offers the best of British and Chinese education in an English speaking environment preparing pupils to enter leading universities. Most pupils go to either UK or US universities.

School Life

WAIS teaches pupils in an entirely Western style. Pupils experience dynamic, creative learning in small classes, a huge range of sports, excellent music, ranging extra curricular activities and international travel.


Registration | WAIS 2019 Summer School

In order to improve the pupils' IGCSE and A Level academic level and help them lay a solid foundation before entering the courses

G4 Tonglu Trip

Grade 4 have just returned from an exciting trip to Tonglu.

Variety and Range of subjects

Wycombe Abbey International School offers a broad curriculum with a huge variety of options choices at IGCSE and A Level to ensure our pupils can progress to the university destination of their choice.